Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FRUIT FLIES (Drosophilia)

Fruit flies are approximately 1/8” long (3mm) with red eyes. They are commonly associated with rotten or fermenting fruits, but can originate from other sources. If you have these flies in your home there are a few different areas that should be inspected to see where these are originating from. They can reproduce anywhere there is organic matter that stays consistently moist or wet – such as: seldom used sink, tub, shower or floor drain which can have a build-up of organic film in the drain areas, or dripping pipes. It only takes about 8 - 10 days at above 77 degrees for the fruit fly to complete the stages of development to become the pest in your home. These flies are attracted to light and moisture so usually you will see them at windows and around sinks. To help in control of fruit flies, here are a few simple tips:
  1. Make sure that all fruit that you buy or grow is washed properly as the flies usually will lay their eggs on the surface of the fruit. Boxes and bags of fruits are common sources of fruit flies in residential and commercial settings.

  2. If you have sludge (organic material in your drains) make sure to use an enzyme product that will actually eat this sludge away. Not only will it get rid of the larvae and eggs of the flies, but the drains will smell better.

  3. Discard open soda bottles and cans, as these can be breeding areas for the flies. Make sure to clean around water dispenser area on refrigerator, garbage containers and disposals.

  4. Remember every adult female that you see can deposit an average of approximately 500 eggs and newly emerged adults are sexually active in about two days.

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