Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stink Bugs (Halyomorpha Halys)

Stink Bugs are native to Asian countries like Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan. It was first introduced accidentally in Pennsylvania in 1998. They do live up to their name. They stink! The brown marmorated stink bug is more likely to invade homes in the fall. You will normally see that these insects will for the most part congregate on the south and west side of structures. They will overwinter in structures around November to February. They will enter under siding, into soffits, around window and door frames, chimneys, or any space which has openings big enough to fit through. The best time to do preventive treatment for these pests is when the leaves start turning, to control the emergence in the spring. If you are already having a problem with them, we can take care of these with a sound treatment system that will control them and no longer be a nuisance to your olfactory glands.

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